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Wednesday August 1, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Alumnus and cancer survivor gives chronically ill children the opportunity to attend sports games and shows.

Tuesday November 23, 2010

As the year ends from Donate A

The baseball season is over and it was extremely successful for our children. Over 1,400 tickets were given to our children to see the Yankees and Mets play. The excitement generated was incredible.

Now we are now targeting "THE BIG APPLE CIRCUS' which is presently open in New York City. You can donate tickets by going to the website, order the tickets and have them sent to us. We are also anxious to receive tickets for Broadway plays. Tickets for plays of your choice can be ordered from

Monday July 12, 2010

Donate A Hits Home Run with NY Mets!

Donate A just hit a Grand Slam! The New York Mets awarded us their very special and prestigious Community Achievement Award. As a result, they donated one hundred (100) tickets to their games for the rest of the season. This is the talk of the hospitals. The children, their parents and the nurses are very excited. As incredible as this is, unfortunately it does not fulfill all of our needs. If you do not have any tickets to donate, perhaps you know a person or a company that does. If this is the case, we urge you to spread the word by asking such potential supporters to donate their tickets to DonateA.

Monday April 5, 2010

Tickets-for-Children Charity Branches Out

Friday March 26, 2010

DONATE A Joins Facebook - Click Here to Join Us!

Friday August 14, 2009

New York Times Blog-A Charity Left Dry by Madoff Now Thrives

Friday May 22, 2009

See Dan Geelan Founder of DonateA and Alissa Sandler of Hackensack University Medical Center on Fox News Discussing

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Wednesday April 15, 2009

Many charities see fall-out of Madoff Ponzi scheme.